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At 67, Diamond Dallas Page uses PowerCuffs to build muscle.


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Highly effective, medically endorsed, safe, and affordable.


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Highly effective, medically endorsed, easy to use, and affordable for everyone. In the world of Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT), only one BFRT cuff meets each of these standards – PowerCuffs.

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Ryan Edenton

100% Worth It

I've been using PowerCuffs for about two months. I love them, I notice a huge difference with my workouts and my biceps are getting bigger and more defined. Definitely worth the purchase and a great tool to use to achieve my goal.

Amber Coward

Easy and Comfortable

As someone who has been a heavier person most of my life, my arms have been an area I have always disliked. I can't tell you the excitement I have discovering new muscles and definition I am getting in my arms! The muscle is filling in where my skin was once loose. PowerCuffs are also easy to use and comfortable!

Matt Killgore

Simple and highly effective BFR!!

I’ve use many different BFR systems for years in a clinical setting and through personal use. Power Cuffs is by far the best I’ve seen. Very user friendly, comfortable to wear, and they WORK! I’m loving the gains in muscle density and size!

Kenny Dunn

This is Next Level!

PowerCuffs allowed me to get effective strength training in while training for an ultramarathon. PowerCuffs workouts are quick and high intensity yet easy on the joints. Would absolutely recommend for any busy person wanting to take strength training to the next level.

Jeffrey Dyer

The Best Workout Booster

Power Cuffs have added a boost to the strength training in all my workouts. Over the last 8 months I've built measurable strength and muscle while advancing my flexibility. The use of light weights has allowed me to work around minor injuries and still find the burn.

Cat Mallory

Awesome Tool for Change

Using Power Cuffs has given me the ability to tone and define my arms so much more. Using less weight along with the Power Cuffs has given me the perfect tool to help make great changes!

Erik Mothersbaugh

Real Results!

Been using the new cuffs along with weight training for about 2 months now. I'm noticing differences in muscle gain all over but especially in my shoulders. They've always been one of my trouble spots. These cuffs are amazing! I'll definitely be getting a set for my legs eventually.

Rocco Lorenzo

Revolutionized My Approach to Fitness.

I used to be intimidated to lift weights because I was afraid I might hurt myself trying to move big weights around. PowerCuffs eliminate that fear by allowing me to use light, small weights and still get a huge pump! The results I have seen are hard for me to believe when I look at where I started and see where I'm at now. Very safe, comfortable and user friendly. I highly recommend giving them a try!

John Washington

Easy, Comfortable, Effective

I'm just starting out training with PowerCuffs. I love that they're super easy to use and flow perfectly in my workouts. Very comfortable. They're also not as pricey as other BFR options and work WAY better than the cheap bands.



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