Medium PowerCuffs

PowerCuffs are an exercise accessory specifically designed for Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT). By incorporating PowerCuffs into your workouts, you’ll experience muscle strength and size improvements using only a fraction of the weight typically required during resistance training. Additionally, using BFR during cardiovascular exercise will improve VO2 Max at a lower exercise intensity. PowerCuffs have been designed with safety, comfort, and ease-of-use in mind. (Size recommendations: Average users will often use Medium size cuffs for their arms, and Large Cuffs for their legs. However, because each individual has different arm an leg circumferences, use the following guidelines to determine the best size for your arms, and your legs.)

CUFF SIZES (limb circumference)

Small – fits limbs between 8” to 11”
Cuff Measures: 2” x 6”
Strap Measures: 2” x 19”

Medium – fits limbs between 11” to 20”
Cuff Measures: 2” x 9”
Strap Measures: 2” x 24”

Large – fits limbs between 18” to 34”
Cuff Measures: 2” x 12”
Strap Measures: 2” x 24”

As with any other exercise program, you should consult your healthcare professional before you begin using blood flow restriction.

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Size: Medium